Advanced Formula Challenge #2: Results and Discussion 3

Last week I set readers the challenge which can be found here.

Three solutions were offered, two of which from the same person, and both of which were correct! So many congratulations to Bill on successfully solving what was quite a complex challenge!

Indeed, as Ben Schwartz pointed out, this challenge appears to have been set previously on the internet, and seems to have been only partially solved on those occasions. In any case, thanks also to Ben for his suggestion, which he confesses was cobbled together from those previous solutions he found, and which worked in all but a few exceptional cases.


Advanced Formula Challenge #2: Identifying Anagrams 10

For this, the 2nd in the series of Advanced Formula Challenges, readers are asked to come up with a solution to the following:

Identifying Anagrams

Given two lists of names in B1:B10 and E1:E10 (as above), a formula is to be entered into A1, such that, when copied down to A10, returns TRUE if, for the corresponding name in column B, there exists at least one name in the range E1:E10 which is an anagram of that name.