Advanced Formula Challenge #13: Results and Discussion 6

Apologies to all for the hiatus – hopefully I will have a bit more time now in which to post some new material.

Anyway, before beginning anything new, I would just like to offer my thanks to Alex, Lori and Michael for their illuminating contributions to the challenge I set a while back and which can be found here.

Another challenge to follow shortly. Watch this space!


  1. @Flora

    Apologies. There was no clear ‘winner’ for this one – I simply refer the reader to the excellent posts made by all those who contributed to this challenge.

    I appreciate that I have traditionally declared a single ‘winner’ to these challenges, but here I feel that this would somehow detract from the many good solutions.


  2. Thanks. I cannot seem to get this formula work in the sample workbook. I am trying to learn how it works. but cannot get the formula right. what area in all sheets should be Rng of named range? and which named range should refer to ={“Sheet1″,”Sheet2″,”Sheet3″,”Sheet4″,”Sheet5”} am I missing something?

  3. @Flora

    As mentioned in the original article, Rng is a Named Range (created via Name Manager) which refers to the range of your choice. I used A1:G4 as an example, but you can choose whatever you want here.

    The other Named Range, Sheets, refers to all relevant sheets in the workbook, e.g.


    Let me know if you’re still having difficulties.


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