Apologies to Readers: Formula Wrapping Issue in Firefox and Google Chrome 2

It has just come to my attention that, due to a recent update in Google Chrome, this browser no longer supports the particular CSS word-wrap property which is a feature of all formulas posted on this site.

As such, any formulas viewed in that browser, or in Firefox, will not be wrapped and, as such, those beyond a certain length will not be viewable.

I understand that this issue has always been present for readers who use Firefox (thanks to Bert for bringing this to my attention). I also appreciate that this means that the vast majority of my posts will lose their appeal due to their unintelligibility, for which I can only apologise.

I am currently working on a solution to this issue and will hopefully have a fix soon.



  1. To prevent hidden text, please add following to your style attribute of

    Your Code Here

    This is suboptimal, but it works. I sent you an email with this solution a little while ago as well.

  2. Thanks, Vaibhav, and apologies for not mentioning you here. And, once again, many thanks for your suggestion.

    If you recall, however, I replied to your email to let you know that I had tried your recommendation and, whilst it did indeed resolve the word-wrapping issue, it nevertheless rendered the resulting formulas so that they were not aligned as I would wish.

    Still, if I cannot find something which is equivalent to that which I was using previously, I may well end up having to go with your solution.


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