Welcome to EXCELXOR! 16

If you’re looking for articles relating to advanced, formula-based Excel solutions then you’ve come to the right place.

Please visit my blog to see a whole host of innovative techniques developed using worksheet formulas alone. These techniques – accompanied by detailed and instructive explanations of their workings – are not only of theoretical interest to the reader wishing to explore the possibilities of what can be achieved in this field, but also offer practical solutions to a plethora of everyday issues which the average Excel user may encounter.

There are also regular formula challenges to test your own abilities, the results, solution and analysis to which are then given the following week.

I deliberately set this site up with the intention of avoiding VBA-based solutions. Not that I have any objections to that area, but, the more I delve into the workings of Excel functions, the stronger my belief that there is a lot more which can be achieved using worksheet formulas alone. I sincerely hope that readers of this site will come away with that impression too.

Happy Excelling!


  1. Thanks, Chris! 🙂 I’m glad you found something of interest here. And I’m also looking forward to reading some of the posts over at your site as well – certainly looks good on first impressions!

    Cheers and hope to see you around in future!

  2. Like the new look! If you haven’t already done so you should upgrade to 2013 if only to gain access to the eponymous XOR anf BITXOR functions 🙂

  3. Your new site is a great encouragement to come and visit a lot more often …!!!

    Thanks a lot for the effort …!!!

  4. Hi ExcelXor, I posted on stackoverflow regarding components& parts question. Your assistance much appreciated. I just joined the mailing list thanks!

  5. Compliments on your site! I do a lot of VBA programming, but I share your opinion that more can be done with Excel formulae than most users (including myself) are aware of. It’s nice to have a site dedicated exclusively to this proposition.

    Cheers, Jeff Travis

  6. hello this is really awesome, the info you give me really helped and im moving onto bigger and better things now thanks to you. I have a really good spreadsheet available now with all the stats etc, but im wondering if its possible to have a box in there that if you put say “sideA” vs “sideB” it will give you the predicted outcome based of the results history from table. is this possible at all? would really love to perhaps get your email or something and share my workbook with you and see what you can achieve.

  7. Hi How can I stop an excel formula from calculating after it reaches a certain date. For example, I would like to calculate how many years and months a person is on leave based on =Today() but after it reaches the leave end date I would like it to stop calculating. The formula I am using is

    =DATEDIF(B5,$S$1,"y") & " years, " & DATEDIF(B5,$S$1,"ym") & " months "

    B5 is the leave start date and S1 is today’s date =Today(). The leave ended on 03.02.17 and I want it to stop there instead of calculating it to todays date.

    I appreciate your help. THank you in advance.

  8. @Jeane

    =DATEDIF(B5,IF(TODAY()>DATEVALUE("03/02/2017"),DATEVALUE("03/02/2017"),$S$1),"y") & " years, " & DATEDIF(B5,IF(TODAY()>DATEVALUE("03/02/2017"),DATEVALUE("03/02/2017"),$S$1),"ym") & " months "

    in which you should replace 03/02/2017 with your chosen end date.


  9. If you’re still around I want permission to use your molecular weight creation to write a another article about weight percent of an element in a molecule. Of course I will give you ample credit for your marvelous formula. Let me know thanks.

  10. XOR LX -These are exciting times for Excel Formulas – With TEXTJOIN, CONCAT, FILTER, UNIQUE, SORT,SORTBY RANDARRAY – opening up immense opportunities

    Would be great to have you blogging again


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